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Dicom systems have been installed in hospitals

These systems include PACS, DR and x-ray systems. They use the latest technologies to provide businesses with solutions that meet and exceed objectives.

PACS Systems

PACS (picture archiving and communication) systems provide a way to store and easily access images from different sources. This includes images from ultrasound, computed tomography, magnetic resonance, computed radiography, mammograms, and more including images that have been scanned.

There are several advantages to using PACS. First, it turns hard-copies into digital images. Digital storage is cheap and allows for instant access of images.

Digital images can be accessed remotely. This allows for off-site viewing so that practitioners in different physical locations can view the images simultaneously. This improves reporting and diagnoses.

Workflow is improved because images from procedures are sent to a workstation. The information is studied for quality assurance and then sent to storage. The image is reviewed by a radiologist who can formulate a diagnosis and dictate a report.

PACS are private and secured with encryption. Some use Opal-RAD Web Server to securely access the Internet and allow physicians in other locations to view images and reports. Other systems include a suite of hardware and software. It can quickly be implemented and requires little maintenance.

DR Systems

Direct digital radiography systems are fast and portable. Veterinarians like being able to obtain digital images while in the field. They also have the added benefit of using less radiation to obtain images.

There are systems developed for podiatrists who need to get images of the foot without having the patient get into awkward and unsafe positions. It uses a CCD sensor that provides images that are larger than those obtained from film or computed radiography.

Short cycle times and rapid image availability means that patients have less wait time. Image quality and reliability are not compromised with the efficient design.

X-Ray Systems

There are many x-ray systems to choose from. This includes x-ray generators and stands to complete turnkey packages.

Digital x-ray systems transfer images to a workstation where they are stored in a digital format. There is no need to use a darkroom and chemicals to process the images. Another advantage is that patient information is stored permanently with the image so that there are no mix-ups.

Clinicians working in radiology, oncology, cardiology, gastroenterology and labs use PACS, DR and x-ray Dicom systems. Services like installation, technical support, repair and training are offered so that the best system is chosen.

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DICOM systems

Physicians and healthcare centers across the country are quickly catching on to the benefit of a DICOM system that is installed on location. The DICOM system has the advanced technological capabilities that allow a physician and a technician to easily and effectively view digital images in order to diagnose a patient quickly and safely. The Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine system has proved to be one of the most valuable pieces of technology when it comes to analyzing the tools that are utilized in a healthcare establishment on a daily basis. The healthcare industry has learned to take advantage of this particular system of information technology in order to gain flexibility that is directly correlated with advancing the level of patient care. This particular system utilizes a specialized monitor that is integrated into the device. Images are saved as a specialized format in order to be further used by medical professionals.

A patient can have all of their medical images easily viewed and analyzed through the endless selection of specialized monitors. A patient's x-ray and CT scans can also be easily incorporated into the system. These monitors have the capability to convert medical images into digitized medical files that can be viewed and altered on a monitor screen. The software that is installed on the system gives healthcare specialists the ability to save a patient's file on a hard drive or a protected server. In addition, a patient can also have their PET and mammograms saved in this digitized format. Healthcare specialists that have experienced using editing software such as Photoshop and GIMP can further enhance a patient's medical images that are in their digital file. With the help of a special plug-in a physician can use this system in order to better understand and diagnose a patient after enhancing their digitized image results. In addition, this specialized system allows physicians
to network with other specialists all over the globe. This newly developed technology gives a patient the opportunity to be assessed and treated by skilled physicians all over the world because their physician has the ability to store the digitized images and scans on the server as well as easily share the images with other individuals in the healthcare world that may not be located in the same country.

These particular types of monitors very when compared to an ordinary personal computer monitor. Individuals that are in the healthcare field are required to utilize a healthcare monitor that has the ability to showcase a patient's scans and images through the highest resolution that is available. A typical personal computer monitor shares its technology with a DICOM monitor. The only difference is the great advancement when it comes to the resolution level that is found in this type of specialized monitor. The typical DICOM monitor offers professionals the chance to view their patient’s images and scans on a five megapixel monitor. This type of monitor is the best choice for individuals that are looking to get the best deal without sacrificing an increased amount of monitor resolution.

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Digital Imaging and Communication in Medicine - DICOM

This particular system utilizes an image file format that must be viewed using a DICOM the viewer. These specialized monitors are the key piece of technology when it comes to a physician being able to view a patient's high-resolution digital images and scans. Patients that are required to complete a mammogram or PET scan can choose to have their results saved as a DICOM format file. These types of files are used in order to be saved on a network that is often referred to as Picture Archiving and Communication System.

Professionals in the medical field are quickly jumping on board when it comes to investing in DICOM viewers for their healthcare practice. Hospitals are quickly utilizing the benefits that are found when using this specialized type of monitor. A physician or skilled technician has the ability to view a patient's results through advanced technology that proudly showcases high-resolution images in the best quality photographs that are currently available on the market. These types of viewers are extremely practical for general healthcare centers, hospitals and dental practices. The current market for these types of viewers has resulted in grade decrease of the cost that is associated with this type of technology. This is great news for individuals that were not able to make this practical investment in the past. The typical viewer showcases a five megapixel camera. The lowest resolution that is considered to be acceptable currently stands at two megapixels. A majority of health care centers choose to invest in the five megapixel monitor because it provides them the best value for their investment without sacrificing on the features of the viewer.

An investment in this type of viewer has the ability to benefit the physician, staff and of course the overall well-being of the patient. These viewers can also be utilized in ways that were never possible with ordinary personal computer monitors. A skilled technician now has the tools that are necessary in order to enhance a patient's scans and digital images. Specialists that had experience in photo editing software such as Photoshop and GIMP can further enhance the patient's images. These types of viewers are the modern-day answer for healthcare specialists that are looking for a mammography monitor without needing to invest in a separate monitor for viewing additional types of results and patient images. Finally, a healthcare center also has the ability to consult with other skilled physicians around the world by using the Internet to transfer a patient's image files through DICOM viewers.

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